Our Team

The backbone of our training center is the Team.

Our trainers have gained massive job experience before coming to the training profession. Some of them have sailed for more than 20 years the seven seas. They love to share their knowledge and have a talent for making our trainees feel at home in our facility.


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Wilchard Relles

Operations Manager

Chef Wilchard has sailed the seven seas for many years on Luxury Cruise Lines.

He is now overviewing our day to day operation in the training center.

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Raymar Mateo

Chef de Cuisine

Chef Raymar is a true professional with many years of experience on cruise and offshore vessels.

He is leading the food production of our in-house restaurant with his team of trainees.

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Myron Layus

Trainer for Culinary Arts

Chef Myron has massive shipboard experience on cruise and offshore vessels.

His passion is hygiene and healthy food.

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Marlon Golez

Training Officer for Baking & Pastry

Chef Marlon is a pastry chef and trainer at heart with massive job experience as professional Pastry Chef on Luxury Cruise Vessels.

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Edgardo Cervantes

E-learning and Career Development Training Supervisor

Chef “Ed” is a catering trainer with more than 30 Years’ experience on board internationally trading vessels.

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Zocimo Conception

Head Culinary Trainer

Chef Zocimo is an experienced trainer and assessor with more than 40 years of shipboard experience as Chief Cook and Executive Chef..

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Ms. Maryjo Posidio

Culinary Trainer

Ms. Maryjo has many years of experience in the hospitality and training industry. Her passion is baking and pastry production.

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Guicang Li “Steven”

Culinary Trainer

Chef Steven is our guest trainer from China.

He is a passionate culinary expert and has sailed on cruise and cargo vessels for many years.

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Jagdish Pradhu

Guest Trainer

Chef Jagdish from Mumbai is our guest trainer for Indian Cuisine. He loves colorful spices and flavours.

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Adelisa F. Garrido-Lontoc

Head Trainer for Nutritional Education

Mam Lisa is a Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian, Diabetes Educator.

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Ramir Villanueva

Shoreside Training Manager, Systems

Ramir is a sailor at heart and comes with massive onboard experience.

He is now overviewing the IT support team and is conducting training on Catering Management Software.

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Christopher Duallo

Culinary Support Officer

Christopher is providing NERIS and software related support to the on-board team.

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Artur Reznichenko

Training Officer

Chef Artur is our guest trainer from Odessa. He is an experienced Chief Cook with a great passion for details.

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Lourdes Mergal

Administration Supervisor

The heart of the training center is our ever-friendly admin and reception team that is never short of a smile.

Ms. Lourdes Mergal is leading our administration team. Always at your service with a warm smile.

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Bridget Dabuco

Catering Crew Culinary Assessor

Chef Bridget is handling competency assessments of the catering crew.

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Randolph Hendricks

Culinary Trainer

Chef Randolph is our Indian Chef with many years of experience working on board worldwide trading vessels.